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Men at CBC

breakfast_bigThe men of the church try to meet once a quarter for a breakfast or for an evening meal.  Some of the men are members and supporters of the BMM, for more details on their work please click on the link below. We have been inspired by the bigger breakfast and the conferences the BMM hosts.

We have just started out with our men’s work so at the moment we are a social group, getting to know one another as members of God’s church. 

Our Breakfasts will either be held in our church lounge, with the excellent kitchen facilities and an excellent team of caterers, or in one of the local restaurants, but wherever we meet we always have a good time.   

For our evenings out we will go to one of the excellent restaurants Caversham has to offer.  The last evening was spent in Picasso’s the Spanish Tapas bar on Caversham Bridge. 


For more details contact the Church on 0118 954 5353, or complete the form below.

To contact us please use the email link at the bottom of the page.