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300 words

People often freeze when they are invited to share what God has done in their life.

At Caversham Baptist Church we have accepted the challenge to tell our story in just 300 words – and it has taken off!

Sue Cantwell, Church Secretary, comments, “Through inviting people to share their 300 words lots of people have shared their testimony who have never done so before. It’s so simple, and everybody seems to want to jump on board.”

“From my point of view it came about my accident,” admits Transitional Minister, Jonathan Edwards. “A few months ago I was preaching about witnessing and suggested that we rarely get the opportunity to share a long testimony with non-Christian relatives, friends and colleagues. And so I suggested that everyone should be able to summarize their story in 3 minutes. As an aside I commented that that’s about 300 words! Interestingly, it was the 300 words comment that stuck in people’s minds.”

The challenge has been quickly picked up in other local churches … and we hope that the idea will spread much, much further because there is nothing more powerful in all the world than hearing what God has done in other people’s lives. It’s so simple, and enables everyone to have a go.

If you would like to share your 300 words please email us using the email address below or contact one of the church leaders.